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There will now only be one subscription to ICA and only two types of members – Member and Associate Member. This means that all organizations participating in ICA at any of its levels should be either a Member or Associate Member of ICA, and that the one subscription will cover participation in all ICA structures whether at global, regional, sectoral or thematic levels. As a consequence, there will no longer be a specific subscription to be paid to a 'sectoral organization’s name'. Therefore, it is no longer possible to join a sectoral organization unless an organization is a member of the ICA. If an organization is already affiliated with an ICA member in their country, they can continue to access the sectoral organization service offerings, for their sector, through that affiliation, as a representative of one of ICA’s current members. This is possible if that organization provides a letter from one of our current ICA members stating that the organization is one of their members and that they agree to their participation in the sectoral organization. In this way, we can formalize this relationship. Our current members are paying to participate in the sectoral organization and there are no longer separate sectoral organization dues. The new ICA Rules provide for more types of organizations to become members, not just apex type organizations. Therefore, it is now possible for a number of different types of organizations to become full members of the ICA:

  • National union or federation of co-operative organizations
  • National confederation of co-operative unions (apex organizations)
  • National co-operative business organization with majority individual ownership
  • Individual co-operative organization

And the following types of organizations can become associate members:

  • Organizations owned and controlled by co-operatives
  • Educational, research or other institution which promotes or finances co-operatives and the co-operative movement
  • International and regional (supranational) federation or union of co-operative organizations
  • Organizations which support co-operatives

Find out more about becoming a member of the International Co-operative Alliance.  If you have any questions concerning membership please email Co-operative Housing International Membership 

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