Zimbabwe National Association of Housing Cooperatives (ZINAHCO)

  • Mushawedu Housing Cooperative, (cooperative composed of people living with disabilities) - Chitungwiza
  • Chako Ndechako Housing Cooperative - Chitungwiza

The Zimbabwe National Association of Housing Cooperatives (ZINAHCO) is the apex organisation of housing cooperatives in the country. Founded in 1993, ZINAHCO was registered in 2001 as a non-profit Community Based Organisation (CBO) under the Cooperative Societies Act 24:05. ZINAHCO membership today includes 190 primary housing co-operatives representing approximately 10,000 individual members and 5 District Unions. There are currently 3 new District unions in formation.

ZINAHACO is under the management of a Board of Directors of 11 members, elected on a regional basis and a Supervisory Board. It has 11 permanent employees and two trainee students on attachment.

ZINAHCO’s ambition is “to become a centre of excellence in the provision of co-operative housing development services locally, regionally and, internationally.” ZINAHCO has a vision of “societies where low-income home seekers access adequate housing”. This vision translates into a mission “to champion the provision of adequate co-operative housing solutions to the low-income home seekers within and outside the borders of Zimbabwe”.

The services offered by ZINAHCO include: lobbying and advocacy, training, housing finance facility and construction management services. ZINAHCO members delivered 440 housing units between 2010 and 2012, while 499 were under construction. The coming in of the CLIFF Fund is expected to drastically increase the production of co-operative housing units by ZINAHCO affiliates.

ZINAHCO is also delivering a HIV/AID community program to assist housing co-operatives to mitigate the impact of the disease in their community. It does this through support groups established in District Unions.

ZINAHCO works in partnership with Rooftops Canada – Abri International, Homeless International (UK), SIDA and, the Swedish Co-operative Center (now called We Effect) Regional office for Southern Africa.

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